Fundraising Ideas and Resources

Fundraising Ideas

Here’s a bunch of top fundraising ideas we’ve put together to get your thoughts started.

Fun and Easy
  • Dress Up Days

    Have a day where everyone can dress up, dress down or in a theme for a gold coin donation

  • Face Painting

    Get your face painted and take a selfie for quick and easy cash.

  • Birthday Donation

    For children too young to really appreciate gifts, ask guests attending your child’s party to donate to Telethon instead.

  • Sponsored Silence

    Set aside a time in the day or each week where there’s no talking, anyone who talks pays a fine!

  • Swear Jar

    A great one for the workplace to raise loads of cash, every time someone swears they must add a coin.

  • Give it up day

    Ask everyone to choose something they would like to give up for a day – chocolate, texting, technology? Encourage friends and family to give small donations towards a goal set for a day.

A little more effort
  • Bake sale

    Ask for donations of baked goods and sell them for a price. Add a Bake Sale to an existing event to raise extra dollars!

  • Do some chores

    Get sponsored to do some chores around your home, at school, at work or in your local community.

  • Sell a service

    Ask for donations to paint nails, give tennis lessons, mow a lawn or walk the dog!

  • Sausage sizzle

    At your next event hold a sausage sizzle – get the buns and snags donated to boost your fundraising dollars.

  • Loose Change Challenge

    Everyone has plenty of these floating around at home. Why not give those lonely coins a purpose? Boost your results and make it a “Loose Change Challenge”.

Big ideas
  • Quiz night

    Find out who has the brains in your workplace, school or community group. Done well, these nights are not only a lot of fun but can raise a lot of money!

  • Movie night

    What better way to get everyone together with the entry fee going to Telethon. Guests can bring their own chair. Make food and drinks available for sale on the night. Ask people to dress up as their favourite movie star for a prize